Camo Dipping

At CAMO Enterprises, we have 22+ years experience using Jim Crumley’s Second Skin Camo™ camo dipping process to decorate firearms.

Our Goal

The goal of Second Skin Camo™ is to provide gun and bow owners with a quality camouflage finish for their equipment. Every gun or bow sent to us is treated as if it were our own.

Whitetail deer buck

Camo dipping patterns, such as Mossy Oak Tree Stand helps conceal firearms from game, such as whitetail deer.

Care Instructions

Care of a gun or bow after decoration is very easy. You will no longer have to oil the outside of the gun again, just wipe it down with a wet rag. You will still have to clean and oil the inside of your gun.

Important Note: Anything that will strip or discolor paint will have an effect on the finish. The most common chemical that will discolor the finish is Deet, which is used in insect repellant. Avoid any harsh chemical bore solvents from coming in contact with any finished area.

Turn Around Time

(Subject to change due to quantity)
Turn around time changes frequently due to the volume of product to be camouflaged. Our turn around time is the time that it enters our door till the time it leaves our door. We project most turn around times to be three to four weeks during the busy months. Firearms may be shipped by an individual to Second Skin for customization. The individual is not required to have a federal firearms license to ship his firearms for the Second Skin process.


All camouflaged items are warranted for one year for quality and workmanship.