Retail Pricing

Camo Dipping Pricing


Firearm Type

Suggested Retail


Complete Shotgun (Less Bolt and Trigger Guard)*(see note below)$195
Complete Browning A5 Shotgun (*Less Bolt and Trigger Guard)$210
Over & Under /Side by Side Shotgun$215
Stock Only$60
Forearm Only$60
Barrel Only Single (Includes Contender Pistol Barrel)$65
Barrel Over and Under$75
Receiver Only (Includes Contender or Encore Frames)$60


Complete Rifle (*Less Bolt, Floor plate and Trigger Guard)$195
Complete Browning BAR, Remington 742, 7400 Rifle$215
Military Type Firearms AR, AK etc.$300
Black Powder Rifle (*Less bolt and ramrod)$195
Rifle Stock Only$100
Rifle Barrel Only$100
Trigger Guard, Bolt Body, or Floor Plate$20


Bow (Riser & Limbs)$145
Riser Only$85
Limbs Only$85
 Note: All bows must be disassembled before shipping to us no warranty on limb pockets.

Gun Accessories

Scope (At Owners Risk) *See Note Below$75
Scope Rings & Base                        $30
Shotgun Saddle Mount$40
Choke Tubes$15
Extension Tubes$40

Bow Accessories / Shipping Charges

Quiver (Top Only)$35
Hunting Stabilizer$35
Cams Or Wheels(Pair)$40
Shipping and Insurance (Per Gun or Bow)$25
Shipping and Insurance (Additional Items)$15
Custom Order Film Dip on Non stocked Film$50.00

Rifle bolts are camouflaged on the handle only. (These items are not warranted)

*Scopes that leak are the responsibility of the owner to have replaced by the manufacture, not Camo Enterprises, Inc.